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Building A Bond With Your Horse You Can Be Proud Of

We need more people who are honest, legitimate, moral, ethical, and willing to go the extra mile for four legged friends. Thank you Stacey! Her courses are spectacular.
Lisa R
If I want to learn anything. I go to somebody who has being doing it a life time. This is Stacey's life. Her skill, understanding and ability to teach are amazing.
Mike P
Stacey's teachings have not only had an impact on my horse but also transformed my relationship with him. She teaches powerful skills that work. Thanks Stacey.
Teresa S

Meet Your Instructor

Stacey Longley Is a notably successful multi-disciplined Coach, Rider and Horse Trainer. With over 25 years Full-Time in the equestrian field, Stacey has encountered all kinds of challenges horse owners experience daily with their horse.

Stacey’s coaching style gets results. Her years of experience has allowed her to help both the rider and horse build confidence as a team and improve their own skill sets together. With a formal education in Psychology & Child Youth Worker and combining it with many years of riding experience, she’s able to apply a unique perspective to both children and adults across many riding disciplines.

Stacey has an accomplished show career.  She started off very early showing ponies not long after she learned to walk it seems. Her clear focus and commitment allowed her to groom with the Olympic team in Europe for months as a teen. Stacey has achieved many wins competing on the competitive “A” circuit as a result of her unwavering dedication to her goals. Despite a crazy busy schedule, she’s actively competing on the show circuit this year and continues to involve her students in the process.

Stacey has developed her own unique set of Horse Training Skills easily setting her apart from other horse trainers in the industry. Clients hire Stacey to start countless young horses off correctly right from the beginning by not only utilizing her powerful skills but also allowing her to connect with the young horses from the onset. Stacey has been able to apply these same principles to help older horses with existing behavioral issues enabling them a second chance at life. Stacey’s training style has allowed her to break hundreds of horses in open fields with no round pens. Stacey’s proven skills can work for you too.

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Stacey Longley